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December 22, 2015

True love is like true value. You know it the moment you find it. Take a deeper look at our coverage, service, options and prices. We’re convinced you’ll know you’ve found the right companion in Travelers. • Great discounts and pricing advantages • Deductibles and limits for every budget. Don’t we all appreciate a little flexibility? • Savings when you insure more than one car • Up to a 10% discount when you combine auto and home. Up to 15% if you add a boat. Saving you anywhere from mega moolah to mega, mega moolah • One-stop shopping for a wide spectrum of products that include not only auto, but also home, boat, identity fraud expense reimbursement, umbrella, rental property, and even wedding • Exceptional claim service. Nine out of ten people who file a claim with us would recommend us to a friend.* We’ll take that They say real value is hard to find these days. We say look no further. We offer you products and prices that can be configured to meet your needs. So you’re purchasing the coverage you need from a company who will be there when you need them. Great discounts and advantages that can lead to savings! • Safe Driver Advantage • Early Quote Advantage • Multi-Policy Discount • Hybrid Vehicle Discount • Good Student Discount • Driver Training Discount • Student Away at School Discount • Home Ownership Discount Discounts subject to state availability Talk to your independent agent to get protection that truly meets your needs!

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