Insuring a young driver

August 19, 2016

Insuring a young driver

Having a young driver under age 25 in the household can bring new insurance needs. Here are a few things to consider:

Higher liability limits

When you select your liability coverage, you choose a limit of liability, which is the maximum amount your policy will pay for injuries to other people or damage to others’ property if there is a covered accident and you are found responsible. Higher limits equals more coverage.

Not sure what liability limits are right for you?

Try our Guide to Better CoverageĀ Ā»

Umbrella policy

Auto, homeowners and other property insurance liability limits may not be enough to cover a large court judgment if you, or your young driver are found responsible for a covered incident.

Possible discounts for youthful drivers

  • Good Student Discount
    Young drivers may qualify for a discount for having good grades (A/B average)
  • Away at School Discount
    Policyholders with a dependent (under age 25) who goes away to school (100 plus miles away) may qualify for this discount.
  • Driver Training Discount
    Drivers under age 21 who complete a driver-training course may qualify for this discount.

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