Porspective Encompass Customers!

November 6, 2013

For Prospective Encompass Customers – Things you should know!

If, like many of us, you use the Internet to learn more about the companies you do business with, you know it’s full

of information – some of it accurate, some of it not so much.

But when you’re looking for information about the company that’s best suited to protect your valuables, there may

be no better source than the first-hand experience of a real person.

As your independent agent, I am pleased to tell you that Encompass is a company that many independent agents

choose to protect their own homes and vehicles. These are the facts:

Customer satisfaction rating for Encompass claims service exceeds 96%.1 In the unfortunate event you

have a claim you can rest assured they’ll be there for you.

The NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) reported a National Complaint Index score

of .38 for auto and .58 for home for

Encompass compared to a national median of more than 1.25. (A score

of less than 1 is better than average.)

2 Again supporting that Encompass provides great service if you should

have a claim.

The Encompass OneSM package policy offers simplicity and convenience: one policy that covers your home,

cars, other property and more, with

one premium, one bill and one annual renewal date3.

One single deductible! If more than one type of property is damaged in the same loss (a tree falls and

damages your car

and your garage), Encompass will apply only one deductible.4

With the Guaranteed Replacement Cost5 coverage in the Encompass OneSM Elite and Deluxe package

policy, if you have a covered loss to your home, and the estimated value of your home that’s listed in your

Coverage Summary is less than the current replacement cost at the time of the loss, Encompass will increase

the residence value on the policy to equal the current replacement cost. In other words, Encompass will pay to

replace your home for its value at the time of loss.

Accident Forgiveness and Safe Driving Bonuses5 are automatically included with the Encompass OneSM

Elite package policy.

Finally, the Encompass OneSM Elite package policy includes these extra coverages you may need:

– Coverage for backed-up

sewers and drains to protect your home and possessions.

Worldwide Coverage of Personal Property covering personal property you own or use anywhere in the


Additional Living Expense coverage. If a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable, Encompass

provides coverage for reasonable and necessary increases in your living expenses with

no specific time or

dollar limit.

Encompass is focused exclusively on personal lines of insurance sold through a network of independent agents.

It’s facts like these – along with the financial stability of Encompass, their quality products and outstanding claim

service – that make Encompass a great choice.

Let Encompass help protect you, your home, your cars and much, much more. For more detailed information check




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