The Hartford FYI information on moving affects of auto and home insurance

January 13, 2021

How Moving May Impact Your Insurance

How Moving Affects Your Auto and Home Insurance

Ashley Eneriz

Moving can come with a lot of stress. Not only do you have to figure out moving costspack and orchestrate the movers, but you also have to update your address across all relevant forms. Two important things to pay special attention to during this time are your auto insurance and home insurance.

No one wants to spend hours getting new insurance quotes or transferring over insurance information, but doing so will protect you, your home, and your vehicle during and after your move. Here, we’ve answered the most common auto and home insurance questions to help cover your bases during your upcoming move.

How Moving Affects Your Auto Insurance

Will my auto insurance rate change when I move? Even if you’re a great driver, you still could have an uptick in your insurance premium when you move. This has nothing to do with you as a driver, and everything to do with your vehicle being in a new environment with a new set of risks. Your car insurance company will consider changes in traffic patterns, weather patterns, and assess the risks of where the car is parked/kept. And if your new home leads to a longer commute, that could also increase your rate.

For example, if you move from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Los Angeles, you can expect a higher rate, since you’ll be driving in higher-traffic areas and parked in higher-risk areas. But, if you move from a large city to a small town with reasonable weather, you can expect your rates to drop.

Even if you are moving within your current state, your rate could be different. It all depends on the risk factors for your new location.

How Do I Change My Car Insurance When I Move to a Different City Within My State?

If you only have an auto policy with your insurance company, you’ll just need to update your address. You can give your insurance company a call, or depending on your insurer, make the change online. Make sure you know your new zip code and your place of employment’s zip code, if it is different.

Will My Insurance Coverage Change If I Move to a New State?

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