ZZ notes in regards to Life Insurance ~

April 8, 2016

Twenty-five years ago, Dad and I were traveling together.

It was late at night – (late for a Ziglar is anything after 9:30) – and Dad had just finished speaking. We were both hungry, so we decided to go to Denny’s for a bite to eat.


Denny’s is a 24-hour coffee shop and their food is always reliable. It was about 11:00 p.m. when we sat down, and a nice

lady asked us for our drink order. She was easily in her late 60s,

and while she wasn’t moving fast, she was friendly.


As she walked away, Dad looked at me and said, “Son, an

insurance man didn’t do his job.” I had no idea what he meant so I asked him to explain.


“Think about it, son. She is in her late 60s, working at 11:00 at night at a coffee shop. She is most likely a widow and she has to work just to make ends meet. Thirty years ago an insurance man didn’t do his job. If he had, she would have been covered and she wouldn’t be working now.”


This is what Life protection is all about your loved ones..  contact our agency today to find out how to protect your loved ones in the event something happened to you….

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