Vehicle Needs to be Towed

January 14, 2013


•Wait for the police to investigate
your accident before
agreeing to any deal with a tow truck driver.
•You have the right to have your vehicle
towed wherever you
want it within the city
limits or a reasonable
distance. You may contact
family, friends or
your insurance company
to determine where your vehicle should
be towed. If you have been taken to a hospital
or have no immediate preference, the
towing service will take your vehicle to their
storage site.
•If you request that your vehicle be taken to
another location other than the towing services’
storage site, an immediate payment
can be requested.
•Wrecker yards may
have a set storage fee
per day that they have
your vehicle. These
payments can be covered
by your insurance
if you have Towing and Labor Coverage.
Rental Reimbursement Coverage can provide
you a rental car while your vehicle is under
•The tow truck driver may ask for your car
keys in order for an insurance adjuster to
determine the damage to your vehicle.
•If your vehicle needs to be towed, contact a
friend or family member as soon as possible
for a ride from the scene of the accident. It
could take an hour to investigate the accident
before your vehicle is towed.

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